Our shea butter soaps are made in the greatest respect of the environment and of African traditions. Daily use of shea butter soap revitalizes the skin.

* Soap size is 100 g.


Shea butter and honey soap

Full of vitamins and oligoelements,honey smoothens the skin,gives it a silky texture and protects it.


Shea butter and cucumber soap

Shea and cucumber soap hydrates smoothly. Its rich and creamy foam cleans deeply and leaves a bright skin. It also fights eczema and acne.


Shea butter and glycerin soap

Glycerin intensifies protection properties and calms down irritations.


Shea butter and neem soap

Powerful and natural antiseptic and antibacterial, neem helps skin allergies, eczema and acne relief.


Shea butter and green clay soap

Green clay is an effective detoxifier and antibacterial. Recommended for oilyskin type.


Shea butter and carrot

Rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, carrot enlightens the skin and helps to reduce acne.


Shea butter and coconut soap

Extra soft, coconut rejuvenates tired skin. Recommended for dry skin type.


Shea butter and henna soap

Henna helps beautifying, cleaning and purifying the skin.



Also available : Sample size (20 g) soaps for hotels and traveling:

  • shea butter and glycerin
  • shea butter and honey

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