On July 5th 2010, Siby’s shea butter co-op has become the first shea butter cooperative to obtain the fairtrade certification Flo-Cert in Mali.

Created in 2006, the cooperative federates more than 1200 women that produce shea butter products.  They commercialize their products, shea butter, soap and skin cream under the La Maison du karité brand.

The exploitation of the shea resource allows them to increase their income and most importantly to improve socio-economical and cultural well-being of Siby’s communities.  Also, since the foundation of the cooperative, the women have always used the resource in a way that protects and preserves the shea trees for future generations.

The fairtrade certification reinforces the Maison du karité’s mission. Submitted by FLO Cert, the label confirms the engagement of Siby’s cooperative towards:

  1. Improving the working conditions of the women producers;
  2. Participating actively to protect children’s rights;
  3. Participating actively to the community’s development through an increase of revenue generated by fairtrade commerce;
  4. Reinforcing the democratic management and  transparency as well as encouraging the active participation of its members;
  5. Reinforcing the actions toward sustainable development.

To bring out maximal profit of this new certification, the cooperative needs your support.  To support the cooperative in the achievement of its mission can be done in many ways:

  • buy la Maison du karité shea butter;
  • help finding potential buyers;
  • share this website;
  • like our Facebook page;
  • simply provide us with your suggestions.

Siby’s shea butter is good for the women producers but it is also good for you!

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