COOPROKASI is a cooperative, registered under (00056/SDSES/Kati).It federates over 1200 women shea butter producers organised by associations in each of the 21 villages of Siby rural municipality. The cooperative has a democratic structure led by an administration consul composed of women producers.They were elected during a general assembly.

COOPROKASI and fair trade

COOPROKASI and sustainable development projects


Two crucial objectives:

  • Improving life conditions of women producers and of the population of Siby, thanks to the transformation of the shea ressources into products.
  • Protecting and ensuring a sustainable management of shea trees’ parc in the municipality of Siby.

Our vision

By evolving as an association and by adding value to their products, Siby’s women create prosperity for the women producers, their family and their community.

Our structure

  • The co-op holds general assemblies to update women on the cooperative live, future missions and vision;
  • Women members are trained on cooperative specific laws in Mali;
  • Internal rules are well defined;



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